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Applications are due by 11:59 pm on January 28th, 2024



Criteria for United Way of Cayuga County Annual Funding - Applications accepted from December 1st 2023 - January 28th 2024

The United Way of Cayuga County (UWCC) believes that if individuals and families have access to what they need, an entire community thrives. When partnering with agencies in the community with like-minded ideals, UWCC looks to support opportunity and impact in the areas of education, financial stability, health, and basic needs, as we see these as the building blocks for a healthy and fulfilling life.


Successful applications will directly address health, education, financial stability, and/or basic needs: areas of children and youth achieving their potential through education and healthy family lives, helping families and individuals become financially stable and self-sufficient, improve the overall physical and mental wellness of people of all ages, and/or provide a direct, safety net resource or basic need.


A committee of experienced volunteers from the community make funding decisions based on community priorities, ongoing research, local knowledge, available funding, and the following criteria and guidelines:

  1. Applicants programming request aligns with the abovementioned United Way focus areas
  2. Program(s) address policy, systems, or individual change
  3. Program(s) engage and mobilize the community
  4. Program(s) address need(s) in the community
  5. Program(s) address underlying causes of social issues
  6. Program(s) demonstrate measurable impact
  7. Organization or initiative(s) exhibit excellence in performance, partnerships, and leadership
  8. Organization or initiative(s) exhibit strong governance

The United Way of Cayuga County does not fund:

  1. Non-registered charities
  2. For-profit organizations
  3. Political parties
  4. Religious activities
  5. Capital expenses
  6. Individuals
  7. Deficit funding




Member Agency Details



United Way of Cayuga County nonprofit Member Agencies must meet a set of eligibility criteria annually. This provides assurance to our donors, sponsors, and supporters that our member organizations meet the highest standards of financial stewardship, and program success. All United Way of Cayuga County Member Agencies are located in Cayuga County or serve Cayuga County residents, and are 501c(3) nonprofit organizations.

Funding Term

Our membership year runs from July 1 through June 30, and the application process begins in December with determinations made in April.

Partner Benefits

As a nonprofit partner of the United Way of Cayuga County, you have resources for outreach and promotion, learning opportunities to help you support your mission, grow partnerships and networks, and increase community outreach.

The following documents MUST accompany this application.  Your application is not complete until all requested information is received.  (During the course of a review questions may arise which could necessitate a request for additional and/or clarifying documentation.  These requests, while rare, will be handled directly with the organization applying for funds.)


1.         Most recent Board Roster, and Committee(s) Roster

2.         Your agency’s most recent Mission and Vision Statement

3.         Narrative of program(s) for which you are requesting funding to include a current success story from a program participant. Narrative criteria encl.

4.         A copy of the agency’s most recent audited financial statements, OR, most recent review. Please refer to the updated New York State Nonprofit Audit                  Threshold Guidelines

5.         United States Patriot Act/Anti-Terrorism Compliance Certification